The difference between Enterprise hard drive and IronWolf NAS Hard Drives

Introduction of Seagate IronWolf Hard Drive

Seagate IronWolf is mainly designed for NAS and multi-bay disk array Raid storage devices. It uses perpendicular recording technology and leading helium-filled packaging technology. There are eight discs in the internal package, the capacity of a single disc has reached 1.75TB, and the rotation speed is 7200rpm. Different from ordinary hard disks, it is equipped with AgileArray technology specially optimized for NAS servers, which supports 7×24 hours of uninterrupted operation, with a mean time between failures of 1 million hours, making it more stable and reliable. Moreover, the Seagate Cool Wolf hard drive also has multiple displacement sensors, which are specially designed for the impact of vibration between hard drives caused by the use of NAS multi-bay disk arrays. And Seagate IronWolf ’s exclusive IHM Seagate IronWolf health management software, which is deeply integrated with Synology’s NAS management software, can prevent external interference from affecting the health of the NAS or hard disk. It will take active intervention to back up data when it is notified by the system. And if there is a problem, we also have the original Seagate Rescue data recovery service as a guarantee. After all, the most important thing about a NAS is the data. If the selected hard disk is not suitable, then there must be a higher risk of data loss.

The difference between enterprise hard drive and Cool Wolf hard drive

IronWolf hard drives are suitable for personal home NAS systems or small file server/NAS systems for small businesses.

IronWolf Pro hard drive is suitable for high-end network storage devices with a large number of hard drives, and is aimed at high-end enterprise users. Simply put, IronWolf Pro is superior to ordinary NAS hard drives in terms of performance, response time, write load, vibration resistance, SAS interface support, and warranty period.

IronWolf Pro hard drives are used in multi-bay servers, supporting up to 16-bay combination bays, and can work 7*24 hours a day, so its performance must be particularly reliable, and its quality must be particularly good. IronWolf Pro is equipped with RV as standard Rotational vibration sensor (which can more effectively deal with multi-bay environment vibration and keep the hard disk in the best working condition), the hard disk’s workload rating limit (WRL) is 300TB/year, and the mean time between failures (MTBF) is 1.2 million hours.

Under normal circumstances, the warranty period of ordinary NAS disks is about two or three years, and that of IronWolf Pro is five years, and it provides Seagate’s unique Rescue + data recovery service for 2 years to ensure that data is more secure.

Enterprise-level hard disks are for servers, mostly with SAS (serial) interface or FC (fiber optic) interface. PC-level servers also have SATA interface hard disks. Generally, enterprise disks are stable and durable, and enterprise-level hard disks have the highest reliability. Generally, it has a special anti-shock chip, which has a stronger error correction rate and is suitable for 24*7 work intensity. The Seagate Cool Wolf is aimed at consumers, and is used for ordinary households or small business network storage, which is a solution that cannot afford enterprise hard drives.

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