The difference between Seagate & Western Digital hard drives, which one is better

If you want to survive in such a highly competitive market, you must have excellent technology and hard disk performance. At present, the famous hard disks in the market are the two brands of Western Digital Blue Disk and Seagate. Which of these two hard disks is better?

Seagate or Western Digital is better

This seems to be the unsolved mystery of the century, and it has been debated endlessly. I have adopted some comments from netizens on the Internet in an objective and fair manner:

Netizen nicole:

First of all, choose the one with a small number of discs, the more discs, the easier it is to break

Secondly, the hard drive is more face-to-face. Whether it is Western Digital or Seagate, it is all about luck. If you are lucky, it will not break down in 10 years, and if you are unlucky, it will break down in 1 year.

Finally, it is recommended to get a good power supply. If the power supply is good, the hard disk failure rate can be reduced.

The difference between Seagate & Western Digital hard drives

Netizen patton:

If the mechanical hard disk is broken on the computer, you can take it out and use it as a mobile hard disk. If the solid-state hard disk is broken, you can take it out and connect it to an external hard drive. I have used both. Western Digital is faster than Seagate. I now have a 4t and a 2t in the case, and two bad Western Digital and a bad Seagate, which are not easy to use on the computer, and now I use it as an external connection. I have saved a full set of high-definition and various Blu-ray movies of One Piece and Naruto. Come down and plan to change to a 4t Western Digital blue disk to see how it goes. My machine is seven years old. I just watch movies and do office work. I seldom play games, so the hard disk is very important. The price of the solid-state hard disk is high, and once it is broken, the outside world is not easy to use, so The solid state is used as the system disk. Generally, more than 100 is enough, and more than 200 will be better. No matter how large the capacity is, it is not necessary. Therefore, it is recommended to use the solid state as the system disk and the mechanical hard disk as the storage area. Teng memory, so that the speed of the mechanical hard disk is comparable to that of the solid state, provided that the processor must be more than seven generations

The difference between Seagate & Western Digital hard drives

Netizen venus:

Seagate has broken through the “PMR perpendicular magnetic recording technology” that has been insisted on for eight years. The latest Seagate 8TB hard drive adopts “SMR shingled magnetic recording technology” on the basis of the inflatable hard drive. Due to the difficulty in realizing the “SMR shingled magnetic recording technology”, and the stability and reliability of reading and writing are not easy to control, HGST, Western Digital, and Toshiba lag behind Seagate in the practical application of SMR technology.

The new version of Western Digital 500G Blue Disk and Seagate 7200.12 500G both use a single-disk 500G design. Users who are familiar with hard drives know that under the same capacity, hard drives with large single-disk capacity and fewer encapsulated discs have more advantages. In addition to performance In addition to being stronger, the heat generation, power consumption, and failure probability are relatively reduced. Of course, the launch of hard drives with larger single-disk capacity also requires higher technology from manufacturers, and there are also certain risks, such as low yield rate and high cost. This is why Western Digital and Hitachi did not launch single-disk 500G hard drives last year. one of the reasons.

Netizen stellar:

In terms of quality, they are almost the same, they are all products from major hard drive manufacturers, but there are other considerations when purchasing:

  1. Low-end: Western Digital and Seagate have high-end and low-end series. Western Digital’s low-end mobile hard drive is the elements series, and Seagate’s counterpart is Ruiyi.
  2. High-end: The high-end mobile hard disk of Western Digital is my passport, and the ultra version is the climax disk, and the continuous copying of large files lasts for 118m/s. Seagate’s high-end hard drive is Ruipin, which has now been released to the third generation, called Ruipin upgraded version. The main changes of the 3rd generation are that the volume is getting smaller, the thickness is getting thinner, the material is getting better, the capacity is getting bigger, and the speed is also slightly improved.
  3. Ultra-thin. Both have ultra-thin hard drives, which are more beautiful in appearance. For example, Ruipin, 14.5mm, abs brushed shell, maximum 1t. Xin Ruipin, 12.1mm, metal matte shell, 1t, 2t available. This series has one-click backup and cloud storage. There is also a Ruipin slim that is even thinner. The 500g one is only 9.6mm, which is as thin as an iPhone.

Western Digital Hard Drive (WD) is a hard drive produced by Western Digital Corporation in the United States. Western Digital Corp (Western Digital Corp) is a world-renowned hard disk manufacturer. The company was founded in 1970 and began designing and producing hard drives in 1988. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, USA, it is one of the oldest hard disk manufacturers and one of the founders of the IDE interface. WD employs approximately 23,000 people worldwide.

Founded in 1979, Seagate Technology Cor is currently the world’s largest manufacturer of hard disks, magnetic disks and read-write heads, headquartered in Scott Valley, California, USA. Seagate is a global leader in the design, manufacture and sale of hard drives, providing products for enterprise, desktop computers, mobile devices and consumer electronics.

The difference between Seagate & Western Digital hard drives

Netizen duopoly:

This is not the difference between McDonald’s and KFC. For ordinary households, the performance and price of the two may not be much different, but for high-end enterprise and SAS, it is completely dominated by Seagate. Seagate said it was the second, but no one dared to call it the first, and Western Digital was a little tender.

Netizen River:

As an employee who has worked at Seagate for over 10 years, maybe the answer will be a bit subjective. But personally I really prefer Seagate products. (Except for a Samsung solid state, I personally use all Seagate hard drives, 80G, 250G, 500G, 2TB, the oldest 80G has been close to 9 years, and it is not broken), I choose Seagate, because I know that we have done too much for quality . If you have any confusion about hard disk application, please feel free to contact me. If I can’t answer, there are many senior engineers to answer for you. Currently Seagate’s main product lines are as follows: Drives for NAS Applications (NAS applications), Drives for Surveillance Applications (monitoring applications), Drives for PC and Gaming (games and PCs)

Netizen Cassandra:

Seagate has encrypted hard drives, but they are banned in China. The best is still Seagate. For personal security, if it refers to stability, it is an enterprise-level hard drive, and if it is better, it will be raid. However, if you look at it from a global perspective, the current mainstream hard drives have backdoors that can be attacked and used by the United States. No way, the hard disk is almost monopolized by the United States. Hey, let’s go further, Seagate Western Digital Hitachi Samsung’s mechanical hard disks belong to the United States, and so does Intel’s solid state. The processor is also Intel or Qualcomm, and the system is mac ox, windows, ios, android, win mobile. Anyway, almost all of them are from the United States. You have no data security at all.

Netizen lvqingqiang:

It is better to choose Seagate as the brand. In terms of products, it depends on the purpose of the hard drive you are buying, and you can just buy the right one.

Seagate enterprise product use classification:

Enterprise-class massive disk, featuring high performance, high efficiency, high storage density and high reliability, is used in enterprises, data centers, cloud and high-performance computing environments;

Enterprise-class archiving hard disk, used for enterprise archiving, high capacity, high energy efficiency, low cost, hard disk used in large-scale data centers;

Enterprise-level NAS hard drive (Cool Wolf Pro), designed for harsh medium-sized enterprise environments, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise servers;

Summarize Seagate or Western Digital is better

Just because the hard disk is the necessary hardware for the computer, everyone has their own right to speak, and the experience of different people has also caused the competition between Western Digital and Seagate. The reliability of the hard disk is related to many factors, including working environment vibration, temperature and workload, power supply and other factors.

The above is the relevant evaluation content of the two brands of hard disks, Western Digital Blue Disk and Seagate, which the editor introduced to you today. Which brand of hard disk is more reliable is an excellent topic. A dozen Western Digital have been broken for personal use, and some friends said that a Toshiba hard drive has been placed under each of the four legs of the table. Which hard drive has the best quality? These two hard drives have their own strengths in performance, so we cannot unilaterally say which hard drive is better. For everyone, we should make choices based on our own actual situation, and we should not blindly follow others to make choices.

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