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We specialize in wholesale of CPUs, SSDs, hard drives, GPUs, memory modules (RAM), and other computer peripherals.

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intel amd cpu wholesale

Computer processor is responsible for carrying out instructions to allow your device to complete tasks and functions.Currently, the mainstream server CPUs are Intel and AMD.

Seagate SkyHawk Surveillance Hard Drives

SkyHawk Video HDD

Seagate SkyHawk HDD Designed for DVR and NVR systems to support 24×7 workloads and up to 64 HD cameras.The current mainstream capacities are 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB.

Seagate Exos Enterprise HDD

Seagate Exos Enterprise Drives built for bulk data applications and 24×7 uptime to improve storage tiering.We have 1TB-22TB capacity, SATA and SAS interfaces to choose from.

WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive

Western Digital Purple drives are optimized for surveillance systems.100% New and Original Wd Purple HDD 4tb 6tb 8tb 10tb 12tb Surveillance Monitoring Hard Drive Wholesale.

WD Enterprise Class SATA Hard Drive

Western Digital Wd Gold Enterprise Class Sata Hdd is Specifically designed for use in enterprise-class storage systems and data centers.Looking for better pricing?Contact Us.

Samsung Enterprise Storage SSDs

Samsung data center SSDs offer high storage capacities and reliability for diverse applications. Meet Data center SSD products that meet all your needs.I stand as your trusted wholesale partner.

NVIDIA Data Center GPUs

The GPU executes the instructions in parallel and at high speeds to display the content on the device.We has a full-scale list of wholesale nvidia graphics card products at factory prices!

InfiniBand & Ethernet Adapter Card

Redundant array of independent disks (RAID) controller cards allow your computer to communicate with HDDs and SSDs. A network card is used to connect to a network.

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